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1. they can be divided into macro and microelements
4. contains some protein of high biological value
6. salivary enzyme which gives start to the digestion of the carbohydrates
7. mineral with a strong antioxidant action
8. fruit and vegetables contain a lot of it
10. it can be biological biodynamics or natural
12. the main function of the protein
14. it links the mooth to the stomach
15. soluble vitamins in the water
17. there is also the extravirgin one
19. they are full of dieting fibers
23. cows produce the vaccine one
24. the main function of the carbohydrates
25. they have mainly a plastic function
26. you need 4,186 joule to have one
27. organ in which the digestion of the carbohydrates starts
28. they are marked by the letter "E"and followed by a number that goes from 100 to 199


2. eight are essential
3. a vegetable which contains a lot of provitamin A
4. speeds the chemical reaction of the vital process
5. sugar melted in our blood
9. it supplies 7 empty calories for each gram
11. vitamins A, E, D, K are
13. potatoes contain a lot
16. they have got the highest calorical value of the feeding principles
18. low refined cereals are
20. mineral which builds our skeleton and teeth
21. basal metabolism
22. it is indicated by the initials pH