Crossword by 2ndA and 2ndB Comprehensive Institute De Magistris Caldarola

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14         15    16      17      
     18      19          


1. reaction between an organic compound and oxygen with development of heat and of energy
7. A substance with big molecules formed by concatenations of monosaccharide units
8. a substance that is contained in the chromosomes
10. waste substance in the urine of mammals
11. substances that are constituted of different elements
14. a compound that releases ions H+ in the water
17. a compound which is formed from a reaction between an acid and a base
19. they are made up of a multitude of amino acid units
20. a substances of departure in a chemical reaction
21. It is the simplest hydrocarbon


2. The most abundant in it is called solvent, the other substances are solutes
3. It is the central part of the atom
4. it is a polysaccharide contained in the cereals and in the tubers
5. it is constituted from the union of two molecules of monosaccharide
6. fuel for the car
7. parameter used to measure the concentration of H+ ions in a solution
9. number of protons in the atom
12. It is formed by the elements carbon and hydrogen
13. the number of chemical bonds that an atom of element may form with other atoms
15. substance that can be formed in a chemical reaction
16. are the substances of the fats
18. constituted of atoms all of the same type